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Prof. Mihir B.Chaudhari

Assistant Professor



Block: 3 , Cabin: 3056




  • Solar Energy


  • Bee
  • Eee
  • Eew
  • Emc
  • Wsmp
  • V&e
  • Cs
  • Fde


  • Critical Thinking
  • Working Well In A Team
  • Good Communication


  • Non-conventional Sources Of Energy



28-06-2011 - 26-07-2013

Svnit, Surat


23-07-2007 - 23-06-2009

Da-iict, Gandhinagar


28-11-2000 - 09-07-2004

Nirma Institute Of Technology, Gujarat University


Member-electrical Maintenance

All electrical maintenance related work in liaison with R&B


All the work related to store and purchase

Udayam - Online Attendance

Compiling and submitting the attendance of students every day 


# Title Publication Date Author Conference/Journal Details
1 Performance Analysis Of Various Photovoltaic Array Setups Exposed To Partial Shaded Condition 2019 Mihir B. Chaudhari, I. N. Trivedi Ijrar Vol 6, Issue 2 (UGC Approved)
2 Effect Of Different Shedding Patterns On Photovoltaic Array Setups 2019 Mihir B. Chaudhari, I. N. Trivedi Ieee International Conference On Recent Developments In Control, Automation And Power Engineering (rdcape 2019) OCT 2019
3 Application Of Shunt Active Power Filter For Dynamic Compensation Of Reactive Power & Harmonics For 12-pulse Converter Power Supply Of Tokamak Superconducting Coils 2016 Mihir Chaudhari, Paul D. Christian Ijaerd Vol 3, Issue 5
4 Simulation Of Synchronous Reference Frame Theory-based Method For Harmonic Mitigation 2015 Mihir Chaudhari, C. K. Gupta Ijaerd Vol 2, Issue 3
5 Mitigation Of Voltage Sag By Using Single Phase Dynamic Voltage Restorer 2015 Mihir Chaudhari, Nirav Joshi Ijaerd Vol 2, Issue 12
6 Power Factor Correction Of Single Phase Pwm Boost Rectifier 2015 Mihir Chaudhari, Dharmesh Prajapati Ieee International Conference On Electrical, Electronics, Signals, Communication And Optimization (eesco) Visakhapatnam
7 Economic Load Dispatch Using Genetic Algorithm 2014 Mihir Chaudhari, Chirag K. Patel Indian Journal Of Applied Research Vol 4, Issue-11
8 Investigation Of Electrical Stress In High Voltage Igbt Power Module Using Finite Element Simulations 2013 Mihir Chaudhari, Prasanta Kundu Ieee International Conference On Advanced Research In Engineering And Technology 2013 Vijayawada, India
9 Visualization Of 3d Building Models On Google Earth 2010 Mihir Chaudhari 1st International Conference On Current Trends In Technology NUiCONE 2010


# Title Date From Date To Duration Organizer
1 Physics Of Physics Of Renewable Energy Systems (mooc) 26-07-2021 15-10-2021 2 Weeks Online-IIT Kharagpur (NPTEL)
2 Udayam (unlimited Digital Advanced Yearlong Academic Method Of Learning) E-content Development Course 28-07-2020 18-08-2020 1 Week Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat
3 Comprehensive Online Intellectual Property Rights (ipr) 06-07-2020 14-09-2020 2 Weeks i-Hub, Gujarat
4 Induction Phase 1 16-09-2019 27-09-2019 2 Weeks NITTTR, Ext. Centre, Ahmedabad
5 Beyond The Classroom Towards Excellence 17-09-2018 22-09-2018 1 Week Indian Institute of Teacher Education, Gandhinagar
6 Faculty Development Program For Student Induction Program Of Aicte Approved Institutions 30-06-2018 06-07-2018 1 Week GTU, Chandkheda
7 Condition Monitoring Of Power Transformer 05-03-2018 09-03-2018 1 Week IITRAM, Ahmedabad
8 Recent Technical Innovation & Development In Electrical Engineering 01-01-2018 11-01-2018 1 Week DTE, Govt. of Gujarat, GEC, Sector-28, Gandhinagar
9 Fundamental And Applications Of Magnetics: Recent Developments Towards Biomedical Engineering 27-11-2017 29-12-2017 1 Week GEC, Sector-28, Gandhinagar
10 Enhancing Research Communication 13-02-2017 17-02-2017 1 Week GEC, Sector-28, Gandhinagar
11 Recent Trends In Engineering & Technology And Its Impact On Academic Reforms 19-12-2016 30-12-2016 2 Weeks GEC, Sector-28, Gandhinagar